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Groomer Training Center

Dog Grooming School

16 East Penn Ave , Cleona , Pa 17042



As of 3/1/2018 : 807 E Main Street,

Annville, Pa 17003

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The Groomer Training Center Dog Grooming School will teach you all the necessary skills and, provide you with all the necessary basic tools to begin a rewarding career as a Professional Pet Groomer. Attending classes at Groomer Training Center Dog Grooming School will earn you an Internationally Accredited Diploma!

Dog grooming is an in demand career that can lead to work opportunities at a variety of animal institutions: grooming salons, veterinary offices, shelters, pet supply shops, pet day care facilities. All are examples of businesses that are often in search of capable, respected Groomers . Maybe you want to open your own salon!

Choosing a dog grooming school is a positive step toward turning your dream of working with animals into a reality. Choosing to earn your diploma at Groomer Training Center Dog Grooming School, which utilizes an Internationally accredited curriculum, will aid you in your career. It will make it evident to your clients that you hold yourself to the highest of standards.

Statistics show that the demand for pet groomers will increase nearly 21% through 2018. Because pet ownership is on the rise,there is an increasing demand for skilled professional groomers.

*I encourage you to thoroughly research all Dog Grooming Schools before making a final decision on where you will attend. Note, an accredited curriculum ensures quality, efficiency , public trust and accountability. I strongly believe in what Groomer Training Center Dog Grooming School has to offer, and want you to feel confident ,that by choosing the Groomer Training Center you have made an informed, educated choice. For an example of some good questions to ask please, see "questions to ask" page of this website.

*Look around the website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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